The Principle of Sterilization Indicators

The pressure steam indicator point was changed from blue after the chemical indicator mark was exposed to the pressure steam sterilization process

For brown, in order to judge whether sterilization reach reserve requirements. Used to discharge steam type 121 c or 132 c pre vacuum pressure

Steam sterilization effect monitoring. When using, put in the sterilization items sterilization bags inside. After sterilization, indicator

Remember color depth reach or deeper than indicating the color of the standard color, said of the temperature and the temperature constant

The requirements for sterilization have been met, otherwise the requirements for sterilization will not be met. Epoxy ethane instructions using chemical means

After exposure to e. 0 process, e. 0 600mg/L soil at 30mg/L and at 30″C 1C, relative humidity

60% ± 10%, indicating a change from yellow to brown, to test the sterilization effect of e. 0.