Sterilized Packaging Materials

Sterilized packaging materials are essential supplies for hospitals. They are mainly used for packaging of clinical diagnostic equipment before sterilization. The purpose is to avoid the bacteria in the environment during the aseptic storage and aseptic transfer. Contamination, remains sterile when opened for use.

Disposable medical paper plastic bag is a common sterile packaging material used in hospital disinfection supply centers in recent years. it has

Good gas permeability, which is conducive to the penetration of sterilization medium: high resistance to bacteria, chemical monitoring of sterilization process outside the package

The tape is shown, the method of packaging and sealing is simple, the plastic film layer has visibility, and the safety period after sterilization is long, during clinical operation

The advantages of the package are convenient. Therefore, the use of disposable medical paper-plastic coil packaging materials improves the sterilizing supply for the disinfection supply center.

The barrier function of the product provides convenience for the scientific management of sterile items. But we found in our work that if we are making

Improper handling when wrapping paper bags with paper and plastic will affect the sealing of the packaging and damage the barrier function of the sterile items.

In this paper, we will discuss the problems and countermeasures encountered in disposable medical paper-plastic packaging bags.

1 Performance of disposable medical paper roll bag packaging materials

Imported paper/plastic packaging roll bag is made of 70g / m2 medical paper and 0.1mm polyethylene plastic film double-layer heat

Paper-plastic bags • This packaging material is used at one time. • When packaging, use the size of the equipment to cut the corresponding size on the roll bag.

Separate bags, then put the equipment into a separate bag, and seal the ends of the individual bags with a heat sealing machine to complete the packaging.

2 common problems in operation

2.1 After the packaging of a single sharp device, the bag is pierced:

2.2 After the package of the article is completed, the packaging opening phenomenon occurs after the pressure steam sterilization:

13 single-package equipment, when double-packaged, steam penetration is not good:

2.4 When multiple bags are put together for sterilization, wet bag phenomenon occurs;

3 analysis reasons and countermeasures

3.1 The paper layer of the packaging bag has poor tamper resistance. Use a thin paper card or a temperature-resistant casing to protect the sharps when packaging sharps

The end of the device prevents breakage of the package and damage to the sharps. Such as surgical scissors, various puncture needles, etc.:

3.2.1 When the package is heat sealed, the reserved space in the package is too small, that is, the package is too tight. After packaging, the items are steamed by pressure

The role of steam, the pressure inside the bag is too large, so that the seal is broken, so the items are placed in the paper-plastic packaging bag, and the space should be left around for about 1~

2cm, the remaining space at the end of the seal is slightly larger, and the item is 3~5ctn away from the seal, leaving sufficient for the steam to penetrate the bag.


3.2.2 When the sealing bag is sealed, the heat sealing temperature is not enough, so that the paper-plastic adhesive is not firmly adhered, and the pressure steam is used during sterilization.

The pressure inside the bag is crushed. Therefore, the temperature of heat sealing should be between 1601C and 2WTC. The selection of heat sealing temperature and the paper feeding of the heat sealing machine

Speed, age, and temperature error rate are related.

3.3.3 Packing bag Sealing When the sealing width is not enough, the paper-plastic bonding is not strong. The pressure steam is used during sterilization.

It is squeezed by the inner pressure of the bag. Therefore, when selecting the heat sealing machine, it should be noted that the width of the heat sealing edge is not less than 6mm, and the edge after heat sealing is not

Can wrinkle, gently press without leaking, or use double-layer sealing to ensure the tightness and tension of the seal.

13.4 Disinfection Centers often prepare some single-package devices for the operating room because the surgical instruments need to be operated on the operating table.

Use, often requires double-layer paper-plastic packaging. Double-package should use the bag inside is smaller than the bag outside, when the bag is paper

Faced with paper surface and plastic facing plastic surface, there is a distance of 2~3cm between the package and the package during sterilization, which is convenient for the penetration of steam.

If the method is not correct, steam penetration will not be good.