Sterilization Paper Bag, What Guarantees The Safety of Sterilized Items?

Sterilization paper bags are one of the packaging materials for sterilized articles, and they are “specially favored” by clinical medical staff because they have a sterilization period of up to six months. However, the goose, single-layer packaging sterilization paper bag, during the effective period of storage of sterilized articles for half a year, what is the effectiveness of ensuring the antibacterial effect of sterilization paper?

Specification requirements: inspection of packaging, visual inspection should be carried out, the surface of the instrument after cleaning and its joints are smooth and clean, without blood stains, scales and other residues and rust spots.

Specification requirements: Fine equipment, sharps, etc. should be protected.

Specification requirements: Chemical indicators in the package should be placed in the sterilization package of high-risk articles; the sealing width of the sterilization paper bag should be ≥6mm, and the inside of the bag should be ≥2.5cm away from the package.

Specification requirements: The label of the package of sterilized articles should indicate the name of the article, the packager, etc., and the relevant information such as the sterilizer number, sterilization batch, sterilization date, expiration date, etc., should be traced before the sterilization. The label should be traceable.

The sterilized sterilization paper bag has obvious stains on the paper surface, and there are red stains that do not know where to contaminate it? Do you dare to use such sterilized items?

Specification requirements: After the sterilized items are unloaded, the wet package should be inspected. The wet package should not be stored and distributed. The cause and improvement should be analyzed immediately.

When writing sterilization information, does the pen tip cause subtle, undetectable damage to the paper?

Regular inspection of the expiration date of sterilized items is a routine work of medical personnel. Are these sterilization paper bags that have been turned over countless times and kneaded to ensure their bacteriostatic effect?

Laryngoscope lenses have optical fibers and bulbs. When pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilization, the bulbs are explosive due to high pressure, and long-term high-temperature autoclaving can also cause damage to the laryngoscope optical fibers. Secondly, the laryngoscope is used as a first-aid device and needs to be regularly checked for its function. Therefore, the laryngoscope is packaged in paper and plastic. Is pressure steam sterilization feasible?

Through the above phenomena, we can see through the “all-in-one” of sterilization paper bags, how to regulate the use of sterilization paper, and how to ensure the sterility during the storage of sterilized articles. It is necessary for each disinfection supplier and clinical users to think together.

Finally, I would like to remind you that disposable sterilization paper bags should meet the requirements of YY/T0698.5, medical institutions should request and review health safety evaluation reports; when using sterile packaging of sterilization paper, seal validity and packaging should be confirmed. Integrity; the sterile goods cabinet should be kept clean and dry. Before touching the sterile items, various measures such as hand hygiene should be done to ensure the safety of the use of sterile articles to the utmost extent.