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3m protective gown, tyvek protective gown, non-woven sms/smms/smmms/ protective gown

1. Multi-layer film attaching technology, ultrasonic welding and heat-sealing reinforced joint design can provide chemical protection performance to a certain extent and effectively protect organic and high-concentration inorganic chemicals

2. Double zipper structure design, effectively cut off chemical liquid, three-piece cap, elastic face opening, overlock stitching, elastic waist circumference, elastic cuff, trousers opening, closed lapel

3. Double sleeve design can be better used with chemical protective gloves to improve the sealing protection effect

4. White design, with safety warning

5. Style with hood

6. CE certification

7. Anti-static

8, can effectively protect the invasion of viruses and bacteria

9. Size :M,L,XL,XXL