Production Line of Separator Film for Lithium Battery

Production Line of Separator Film for Lithium Battery

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WRM is EXCLUSIVE agency of RIAMB, which was a comprehensive scientific research institution founded in 1954 directly subordinated to the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. RIAMB is top of manufacturer for complete production line of lithium battery separator film.

RIAMB offers sophisticated and customized machine components or entire lines for the battery separator production. The sequential production lines and various well-proven machine components, stand for high production efficiency, consistent film quality , low production costs and minimized energy consumption.

  • 20 layers of uniaxially oriented separator film can be stretched at the same time, with high productivity
  • Superior product quality
  • Proven design
  • Process optimised components
TypeWidthThicknessSpeedAnnual Output
Uniaxially Oriented1.8m14-20um (Multi-layer)30m/min70 million square meters
Biaxially Oriented3.2m10-40um50m/min50 million square meters

Main achievement

There are more than 80 separator film-production lines in main enterprises, such as Zhongke Science and Technology (Grynn), Cangzhou Mingzhu, Yiteng New Energy, Dadongnan, ZTE New Materials, Anreida, Bosser, Fusen New Energy.