• Surgical Drapes

    WeRema surgical drape are made of from SMS non-woven fabric ,Supports customization according to the customer’s drawings and requirements.

  • Surgical Gloves

    WeRema surgical gloves Made of natural high quality latex,Low Protein Content,High strength and elasticity,Lightly powdered for easy donning

  • Surgical Gown

    WeRema Sterile Non-Reinforced Surgical Gowns, with some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, offer a high level of flexibility, comfort and reliability.

  • Surgical Package

    WeRema Surgical packs are made up of operation drapes, mayo stand cover and main table cover. It has a good function of resistant bacteria, absorbing liquid.

  • Three Function Electric Hospital Bed

  • Two Function Manual Hospital Bed

    This five function electric patient bed is for hospital,  ICU room, Clinic and general ward

  • Two Print Medical Cutter Machine

  • Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches

    Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches is a non-woven polyethylene fabric manufactured by DuPont. It is known for its outstanding strength, durability and tear resistance. As well as industrial use for EO and Gamma sterilization. Tyvek is not suitable for steam sterilization, however perfectly compatible with the requirements of VH2O2 (plasma) sterilization. It is also the first option for gas sterilization, for Tyvek hardly absorbs any toxic gases and thus result in far below legal limit values of residual toxic gas levels.

  • Wrapping Material Non-woven – SMS/SMMS/SMMMS Fabric

    WeRema SMS, SMMS and SMMMS non-woven fabric are an extraordinarily water proof and resilient non-woven material made of polypropylene fabric layers.They can be used either as inner or outer wrapping for medical devices and trays and available in 40g regular weight, 50g heavy duty and 60g multi-pac.

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