Lithium Ion Battery Separator

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It is an important component that can support the lithium battery for charging and discharging electrochemistry process. The performance of diaphragm determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery, which directly affects the battery capacity, circulation and security. The diaphragm of excellent performance can improve the comprehensive performance of the battery.




TypesTechnical characteristicAdvantage
Ceramic coated diaphragmCeramic coating on the surface of polyolefin and other diaphragmsGood heat resistance and low internal resistance
Chemical and electrochemical stabilityLong term stability
WettabilityRapidly and completely wet
Mechanical property>1000kg cm-1(98.06 MPa)
Thickness20-25 μm
Thermal stability5% shrinkage after 60 minutes at 90 ℃
SecurityEffective blocking of battery at high temperature
RemarksCan be customized according to customer requirement.