Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil

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1.Improve the consistency of battery usage group and reduce battery cost significantly.
2.Improve the adhesion of active material and the collector, and reduce the electrode manufacturing cost.
3.Reduce the polarization, increase the rate and capacity, improve the battery performance.
4.Protection of fluid collection, extend battery life.
5.Possess Japan Fuji coating machine, slitting machine and automatic computer inspection rewinder machine.
6.Average coating speed reach 90-120m/min.
7.Product 21600m conductive coating aluminum foil every 8 hours,can be used for    200Kpcs 18650 core.
8.Roller coating width up to 1 meters.
9.Can adopt continuous or intermittent coating mode.

Technical Parameter

Inspection itemParametersUnit
Original thickness (Al foil)15um
Double side coating thickness3um
Aluminum foil width309.6mm
Coating width280mm
Single side Average surface density0.42g/m2
Tensile strength214.3Mpa
RemarksIf there are special requirements, can be customized





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