• Adjustable Five Function Electric Hospital Bed

  • Anesthesia Utility Medical Trolley Cart

  • Barrier Film

    Barrier Film-Easy to remove, reduce cross infection from infectious spray
    Convenient dispensing with special design

  • Biological Indicators

    A bioindicator is an organism or biological response that reveals the presence of the pollutants by the occurrence of typical symptoms or measurable responses

  • Blister Film

    WeRema offers multilayer, thermofomable barrier flexible film for packaging of various medical devices such as syringes, needles and feeding tubes. The film can be sealed to coated or uncoated medical grade paper.

  • Bowie-Dick Test Pack/Paper

    WeRema Bowie-Dick Test Packs/Paper are pre-assembled, single use test packs designed to detection of defects in the sterilization process. An indicator sheet printed with water based, non-toxic chemical indicator. The color change from blue to black of indicator after steam sterilization indicates that all air was removed and replace by steam.

  • Dental Bibs

    Material: 2-ply of paper +1-ply of film 17g/sqm paper+13g/sqm PE, with water-proof and absorbent feature

  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves

  • Disposable Scrub Suits

    WeRema Disposable unisex scrub suits present a clean image and save on laundry costs. These medical uniforms can be worn alone or on clothing and are ideal for messy work tasks.

  • Doctors′ Ward Inspection Computer Workstation Cart

  • EO Indicator Strips

    WeRema EO indicator strips are constructed from special card, standard color patch and indicator strip. The process indicator ink shows clear and accurate color change and indicates if the pack has been processed. The WeRema EO indicator strips are designed for EO gas sterilization processes. We provides EO indicator strips with class 4, class 5 and class 6. All EO indicator strips are available on OEM & ODM.

  • EO Indicator Tapes

    WeRema EO indicator tapes are the ideal and safe solution for closing all wrapping materials. They are constructed from pressure semi-crepe paper which on one side is the adhesive glue and the other side is indicator strip are printed. The process indicator ink shows an easy and accurate color change and indicates if the pack has been processed.

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