Surgical Instruments

  • Disposable Scrub Suits

    WeRema Disposable unisex scrub suits present a clean image and save on laundry costs. These medical uniforms can be worn alone or on clothing and are ideal for messy work tasks.

  • Face Mask

    WeRema face mask have 3-ply face mask with earloop,With easy elastic earloop and nose wire,Breathable,soft lining,latex and fiberglass free

  • Isolation Gown

    WeRema disposable Isolation Gown is the perfect solution for those looking for the right gown at the right price.This gown is environmental friendly.

  • Patient Gown

    WeRema patient gown is SMS non-woven fabric as the raw material, for hospital patients to wear clothing, with belt, half sleeve or long sleeve, mainly blue

  • Surgical Drapes

    WeRema surgical drape are made of from SMS non-woven fabric ,Supports customization according to the customer’s drawings and requirements.

  • Surgical Gloves

    WeRema surgical gloves Made of natural high quality latex,Low Protein Content,High strength and elasticity,Lightly powdered for easy donning

  • Surgical Gown

    WeRema Sterile Non-Reinforced Surgical Gowns, with some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, offer a high level of flexibility, comfort and reliability.

  • Surgical Package

    WeRema Surgical packs are made up of operation drapes, mayo stand cover and main table cover. It has a good function of resistant bacteria, absorbing liquid.

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