Medical Industry Products

  • Medical Plastic Multi-layer Film

    WeRema offers three kinds of laminated film webs specially

    Material: PET plus RCPP, PET plus PE, PA plus PE

    Color: Transparent green, blue, purple

    Sterilization: EO, Gamma-ray, Steam

  • PVC blister film

    Used pharma grade raw material

    High impact strength and high rigidity

    Aging resistance, excellent formability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no smell

  • Blister Film

    WeRema offers multilayer, thermofomable barrier flexible film for packaging of various medical devices such as syringes, needles and feeding tubes. The film can be sealed to coated or uncoated medical grade paper.

  • Medical Original Paper

    WeRema offers medical paper with printed or not for making sterilization packages, like ilization pouches, sterilization rolls.

  • Medical Grid Lacquer Coated Paper

    WeRema Medical Lacquer Coated Paper can be classified as hydrosol and hot melt glue. It suitable for steam/autoclave, EO and Gamma sterilization methods.

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