Problems And Solutions In The Use Of Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

At present, sterilization paper-self seal sterilization pouches have been widely promoted and applied to the satisfaction of users. It not only solves the problem of small, single and low-frequency appliance packaging in hospital, but also has better penetration and reliable sterilization effect than cloth, non-woven and hard container packaging materials. Tight sealing, strong bacteriostasis effect, long effective period of asepsis, good maintenance of utensils; Clinical use is safe, convenient and fast. But in the application process also has some problems, groped took the corresponding countermeasure.

1 There are problems

1.1  self seal sterilization pouches on chemical indicator taps less  self seal sterilization pouches chemistry point of chemical indicator tape effects, but it don’t like chemistry instruction tape 5 cm in at least three color way, but with a color instructions from about 10 cm, very small objects packaging accounts for a little point, generally implements accounts for only a point, rarely has three points, large objects and seldom has three points, so that after the sterilization bags, color case cannot accurately judge the chemistry instruction.

1.2 fold and seal cracked clinical departments standby emergency  self seal sterilization pouches aseptic package, fold and seal cracked during storage, the central supply room asepsis keeping the same package does not appear quality problem, thus, it can be seen: central supply room sterile storeroom environment clean, temperature humidity is appropriate, humidity control in 50% ~ 60%, aseptic package to check the overdue situation on the clipboard, almost no one touch during save. And clinical departments personnel to the lack of the understanding of new packaging materials, first aid kit is frequent succession, touch more researchers, ok see, placed extrusion, combined with the environmental humidity is big, the summer ward not wet conditions,  self seal sterilization pouches surface caused by moisture absorption become soft, encounter large packaging implements full tension, it will cause  self seal sterilization pouches packaging split fold so that the blank holder.

1.3 Paper plastic bags with hard packing material have poor dryness. The paper plastic bags with square yarn, cotton and cotton balls are free from moisture retention on the inner plastic surface after exhaust or pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum sterilization, and have a beautiful appearance. However, no matter how the paper plastic bags are loaded or put on the inner plastic surface, water beads will remain on the inner plastic surface to varying degrees after sterilization by lower exhaust. After pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum sterilization, water beads will remain on the inner plastic surface no matter whether the plastic surface is loaded up or down.

1.4 Paper plastic bag packaging sharps are easy to Pierce through paper plastic bag packaging sharps are easy to Pierce through the bag in the process of preservation and transportation, causing pollution, bag damage and affecting the work

2 countermeasures

2.1 increasing chemical instructions for accurate observation of  self seal sterilization pouches packaging implements the sterilization instructions change, decrease the length of  self seal sterilization pouches packaging, convenience for the hospitals, suggested that all manufacturers are on the basis of original increase chemical instructions: 5 cm on the narrow  self seal sterilization pouches will see three chemical indicator points,  self seal sterilization pouches 10 cm wide will see three chemical instructions point.

2.2 Properly store paper plastic bags to strengthen the training of professional knowledge of disinfection and supply of hospital nursing soil, so that clinical nursing soil can understand the application of new technology and new methods of this specialty, get familiar with the use of paper plastic bags and matters need attention, and cooperate with the supply department to carry out work. The staff in the education department store the fixed, clean and dry place in the packaging of plastic bags. The plastic face upward is not squeezed. During the sterile period, do not touch.