Things About Processing Trade Goods For Domestic Sale

The domestic sale of processing trade bonded goods is referred to as “domestic sale”, which refers to the behavior that processing trade enterprises cannot process and export again according to the regulations for some reasons, but need to sell all or part of bonded materials and finished products in China, or transfer them to produce products for domestic sale. For processing trade enterprises, the scope of domestic sales includes but is not limited to bonded materials and finished products, and [...]

Customs requirements on import documents of goods

The customs of various countries have different requirements for the documents of import goods. Due to the numerous process links, improper operation of the documents often occurs in the process of export of goods, which will not only lose money, but also delay the delivery of goods. To this end, we have sorted out the main document requirements of the customs of all countries in the world, understood the matters needing attention on the document of all countries, and avoided [...]

The new track of cross-border e-commerce,the United States,South Korea and Japan speed up the start,the market size exceeds 10 billion

Before the new crown epidemic, many brands used live broadcast as an extension of their means to expand their influence. But now, as people begin to restart their daily lives cautiously, major brands are beginning to view live broadcast as “a key element” of their trade marketing activities. “The convenience of network information, especially the further development of 5G in the future, will enable people to digitize all their daily business activities and become a network platform.” “Live streaming has greatly [...]

Description of Influence of Printing Ink on Film Layering of Sterilization Pouches

The unvolatilized active solvent, resin or additive in the sterilization pouches ink consumes part of curing agent, which causes the imbalance of the main agent and curing agent of the adhesive and causes the heat seal separation. When the ink dilution of medical sterilization bag is large (the dosage is ≥80%), the ink dilution is not used, but diluted with diluent. However, many sterilization pouches compound film manufacturers still use ink dilution for large dose dilution. Due to the high composition [...]

Problems And Solutions In The Use Of Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

At present, sterilization paper-self seal sterilization pouches have been widely promoted and applied to the satisfaction of users. It not only solves the problem of small, single and low-frequency appliance packaging in hospital, but also has better penetration and reliable sterilization effect than cloth, non-woven and hard container packaging materials. Tight sealing, strong bacteriostasis effect, long effective period of asepsis, good maintenance of utensils; Clinical use is safe, convenient and fast. But in the application process also has some problems, [...]