Medical crepe paper in the supply room

Medical crepe paper is a special crepe paper used for packaging medical equipment for disinfection. The disinfection medium can pass through but the bacteria can not pass, avoiding the occurrence of various cross-contamination, and greatly reducing the comprehensive use cost. Medical crepe paper is a substitute for cloth. The best packaging materials are also the direction of development. Now use the medical green crepe paper of Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. The experiment is now carried out for its antibacterial effect, which is described below.

1 Materials and methods

1.1 The materials are packaged with crepe paper and double-layer cloth wrapping, and the sewing and sewing kits, the sewing kit, the puncture bag and the suture package are used. Each pack has 160 sets, 8 sets, 20 sets of each set. The bag is placed in a 3M pressure steam sterilization bag chemical indicator card, sealed with 3M high pressure steam sterilization tape, high pressure steam sterilization, 5 vacuum, 134 C. 4 min.

1.2 Bacterial detection The sterilized and stored equipment kits were sampled and cultured at different times. Each group tested 15 bags of equipment (3 bags of 5 types of equipment), and the detection cycle of the pressure steam sterilization group was 15 after sterilization. D.30 d.90 d.180 d. The method of bacterial sampling and culture is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the 2002 edition of the “Disinfection Technical Specifications” issued by the State.

1.3 Determination of effect The sterilized equipment is marked with the sterilization date and stored in the sterile storage room. The temperature in the sterile room is 20 C ± 2 C, and the relative humidity is 50% ~ 70%. When the medical crepe paper is packaged in a sterilized state, the same batch of equipment is kept sterile during a certain period of time, indicating that the packaging material has a reliable sterilization effect during this period.

2 The ideal medical packaging material needs to have an efficient bacteriostatic effect to ensure that the sterile equipment is not contaminated by bacteria outside the package for a long time; at the same time, the packaging material is required to have good permeability to the bactericidal factor, and does not affect the bactericidal factor. The equipment inside the bag, the killing effect of bacterial microorganisms. Medical wrinkle wrappers form a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, which effectively isolates microorganisms such as bacteria. Therefore, it can be stored for a long time without contamination. This study shows that wrinkle paper has a better barrier effect than cotton cloth. At the same time, wrinkle sentence paper is soft, easy to use and safe.

Conventional cotton cloth is used as a sterilization packaging material. Although it can be repeatedly cleaned, ironed, etc., it is easy to cause the pores of the cloth to be sparse, and even small holes which are not easily noticeable to the naked eye, and the packaging fails to isolate bacteria. Therefore, the shelf life of sterile items packed in cotton cloth is only 7d~14d. At the same time, repeated cleaning will increase the micro-spun granules on the cotton cloth. Micro-spun granules are the tools for the propagation and migration of bacteria in the air. Especially in the process of clinical operation and dressing change, the micro-fleece particles are dispersed in the air by shaking, and can be directly sprayed on the wound. On, causing iatrogenic infections. Medical green crepe paper solves the drawbacks of cotton bags. The micro-fleece on wrinkled paper is much smaller than the fluff on the cotton cloth, which significantly reduces the chance of bacterial transmission.

Medical crepe paper is used as a sterilizing packaging material, and the medical crepe paper used in this test is used as a blade for testing sterilized packaging materials. The wire-cutting scissors, the puncture package, the suture package, and the like still have no bacterial growth on the 180th day after the sterilizing. Medical crepe paper not only greatly improves the effective storage time of sterilized articles, but also is used once, which reduces manpower and material resources to different extents, saves hospital resources, and completely avoids the recycling of cloth cloth. Cleaning and reuse The unfavorable factors have also played a role in controlling the occurrence of nosocomial infections. The advantages of medical crepe paper compared with traditional cotton cloth are as follows:

1 sterile storage period is long;

2 sterilized articles have relatively increased resistance to bacteria;

3 Effectively ensure the sterilization effect of the items. In summary, the medical crepe paper packaging has good sterilization and bacteriostatic effect, and the packaging cost is also lower than the cotton packaging, which is worthy of popularization and application.