International trade has been affected by the spread of the disease – but orders from overseas continue to strengthen

On the evening of April 8, the world trade organization released its forecast for 2020-2021 trade growth and trade statistics for 2019 on its website.

The wto said in the report that optimistic forecasts for a 13 per cent drop in global trade this year and pessimistic forecasts for a 32 per cent drop due to the dramatic impact of COVID -19

For days, the overseas multinational COVID – 19 infections continue to rise, the world health organization (who) has global COVID – 19 outbreak risk level to “very high”, according to wei rema, head of the company, after a global outbreak, disposable masks, protective clothing, isolation gown, protective goggles etc material order is 8 to 10 times, this order is mainly from Iran and other countries, Italy has output more than million parts to overseas.With the increase of overseas orders, the handling of export, reporting, transportation, research on the production standards of overseas countries and other issues are increasingly onerous, for this reason, the company quickly set up a foreign trade service team, specialized in dealing with the relevant matters.

In order to ensure the epidemic prevention materials supply effectively, wei rema keep power epidemic prevention and control war “war footing”, in line with the highly responsible attitude to life and health of the people of the world, immediate action, don’t slack off, for their own epidemic prevention and control at the same time, organize employee looking for much-needed epidemic prevention products, in strict accordance with customer demand, go all out to do a good job of product delivery and service, unity is strength to help lay the epidemic prevention and control, reveal the bear and as enterprise.

Fight with the epidemic, it is a battle to see the smoke, but also a test responsibility to assume the examination room.At present, the production of epidemic prevention materials has basically been able to meet the domestic demand, and the company is trying its best to organize the expansion of export, accurately match the domestic and foreign demand, and continue to contribute to the fight against the epidemic at home and abroad.