Description of Influence of Printing Ink on Film Layering of Sterilization Pouches

The unvolatilized active solvent, resin or additive in the sterilization pouches ink consumes part of curing agent, which causes the imbalance of the main agent and curing agent of the adhesive and causes the heat seal separation.

When the ink dilution of medical sterilization bag is large (the dosage is ≥80%), the ink dilution is not used, but diluted with diluent. However, many sterilization pouches compound film manufacturers still use ink dilution for large dose dilution.

Due to the high composition of the resin in the inking oil, it is easy to consume the curing agent of the binder. At the same time, due to the high composition of the resin, the ink is difficult to dry, so in large areas of the use of inking oil in printing is easy to produce heat seal separation phenomenon.

The heat resistance of the ink layer of sterilization pouches is not good, and the ink layer is damaged during the heat sealing, which causes the heat sealing separation. When the use of heat-resistant polyamide inks for high temperature heat sealing occasions may produce heat sealing separation.