Classification of Chemical Indicator Strips

Class 1: process chemical indicator strips (wildstrips): used for a single item or package to indicate whether an item has passed through

The sterilization process is used to distinguish sterilized or unsterilized articles, including indicator tape, test paper label, and out-of-package chemical finger

The indicator is used outside each packet unless the chemical indicator inside the packet is visible externally;

Class 2: special test chemical indicator strips (in package strips): special experimental operation for sterilizer or sterilization standard

For example, various b-d test paper. Test the cold air discharge effect and saturated steam penetration effect of pre-vacuum sterilizer

And air leakage; Use the sterilizer after overhaul and during installation and testing every day.

Class 3: single parameter chemical indicator strips (in package strips): used for single parameter test in sterilization process, e.g

Gas concentration indicator strips (EO, formaldehyde, etc.); Indicates that the specified preset value of the specified variable has been reached

Functional dye strips, but hospitals don’t use them

Category 4: multi-parameter chemical indicator strips(in-package strips): having two or more key parameters (time, temperature,

Humidity, gas concentration, vapor saturation);

Category 5: integrated parameter chemical indicator strips (in package strips): it is a special specification for each sterilization process

An indicator strips in which all parameters in the enclosure are active and the set value must be inactivated. It monitors the sterilization process

Key parameters shall equal or exceed the performance requirements of the standard ISO 1138 for biological indicators. Equal or high performance

Bio-indicator. A sheet of paper printed with (pass/fail) dye that changes in color or moves;

Category 6: analog chemical indicator strips (in package strips): used for all evaluations within the specified range of each sterilization cycle

An indicator strips in which parameters are in action and the set value is based on the selected sterilizer setting value. Periodic confirmation refers to

In the agent; Is the sterilization cycle verification indicator. It has the most precise parameters. Different indicators must be used for each

A sheet of paper printed with a color-changing dye in the same period;

Categories 3, 4, 5 and 6 are placed in each sterilizing package for monitoring small range of problems, and no indication of microorganisms is allowed:

Has been destroyed.