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Sterilized Packaging Materials

Sterilized packaging materials are essential supplies for hospitals. They are mainly used for packaging of clinical diagnostic equipment before sterilization. The purpose is to avoid the bacteria in the environment during the aseptic storage and aseptic transfer. Contamination, remains sterile when opened for use. Disposable medical paper plastic bag is a common sterile packaging material used in hospital disinfection supply centers in recent years. it has Good gas permeability, which is conducive to the penetration of sterilization medium: high resistance to [...]

Characteristics of non woven fabric

When tested according to GB/T 455, the intrinsic tear of the machine-oriented non-woven wrapping material shall be not less than 750 mN and the transverse direction shall not be less than 1000 mN. When tested according to GB/T 454, the bursting resistance of the wrapped material after conditioning shall not be less than 130 kPa. When tested according to GB/T 465.1 and using the 10 min immersion time test, the wet endurance of the nonwoven fabric should be not less than [...]

Medical crepe paper in the supply room

Medical crepe paper is a special crepe paper used for packaging medical equipment for disinfection. The disinfection medium can pass through but the bacteria can not pass, avoiding the occurrence of various cross-contamination, and greatly reducing the comprehensive use cost. Medical crepe paper is a substitute for cloth. The best packaging materials are also the direction of development. Now use the medical green crepe paper of Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. The experiment is now carried out for its [...]

Autoclave sterilization indicator qualified identification method

First, autoclaving (Shorthand:AC) 1,External mark: The stripes on the 3M chemical indicator tape are uniformly changed to → black.‘ 2, inside the logo: 3M chemical indicator card on the bright white stripes.Evenly changed to → black. 3,Validity: 15 days in winter and 7 days in summer. 4, 3M chemical indicator tape and 3M chemical indicator card   Second, ethylene oxide sterilization (Shorthand:EO) 1,External logo: The color card on the paper-plastic bag is changed from brown or pink to → orange. 2, the internal logo: 3M chemical [...]

Packaging aging test

[Abstract] The full text introduces the importance, classification, basis and method of packaging aging test, the focus of actual operation and the evaluation of results. Packaging aging test The importance of aging tests The aging test is also an important item to be considered in MDSP design. Because it is a product with high safety requirements for medical devices, the aging test is related to the guarantee of the expiration date of the product, so it cannot be ignored. The conclusive report [...]

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