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Classification of Chemical Indicator Strips

Class 1: process chemical indicator strips (wildstrips): used for a single item or package to indicate whether an item has passed through The sterilization process is used to distinguish sterilized or unsterilized articles, including indicator tape, test paper label, and out-of-package chemical finger (more…)

Requirements For Medical Packaging Materials

As specified in iso11607-1-2006, medical packaging materials must meet the following requirements: 1 The material shall be free from leaching and odourless under prescribed conditions, and shall not have adverse effects on the performance and safety of medical devices in contact with it. (more…)

The Principle of Sterilization Indicators

The pressure steam indicator point was changed from blue after the chemical indicator mark was exposed to the pressure steam sterilization process For brown, in order to judge whether sterilization reach reserve requirements. Used to discharge steam type 121 c or 132 c pre vacuum pressure (more…)

Sterilization Paper Bag, What Guarantees The Safety of Sterilized Items?

Sterilization paper bags are one of the packaging materials for sterilized articles, and they are “specially favored” by clinical medical staff because they have a sterilization period of up to six months. However, the goose, single-layer packaging sterilization paper bag, during the effective period of storage of sterilized articles for half a year, what is the effectiveness of ensuring the antibacterial effect of sterilization paper? Specification requirements: inspection of packaging, visual inspection should be carried out, the surface of the [...]

Sterilized Packaging Materials

Sterilized packaging materials are essential supplies for hospitals. They are mainly used for packaging of clinical diagnostic equipment before sterilization. The purpose is to avoid the bacteria in the environment during the aseptic storage and aseptic transfer. Contamination, remains sterile when opened for use. Disposable medical paper plastic bag is a common sterile packaging material used in hospital disinfection supply centers in recent years. it has Good gas permeability, which is conducive to the penetration of sterilization medium: high resistance to [...]

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