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2018 global pharmaceutical packaging trends

The use of blister packaging continues to grow Blister packs have been in the battle line for doses. When taking a blister-packed drug, the patient can better grasp the amount of the drug taken (the daily dose and the taking cycle are clearly printed on the reverse side of the package). (more…)

Notice about the launch of the WeRewa’s new website

The new revision of Anqing WeRema Trading Co., Ltd. is now officially launched on March 5, 2019!Anqing WeRema Trading Co., Ltd. is a sales company specializing in disposable medical supplies and medical devices. Since its establishment in 2001, the products have been sold in hundreds of countries around the world, and are highly praised by the industry and consumers! In order to provide a better user experience, the company has undergone a new revision and upgrade based on the original [...]

WeRema Celebrate The New Year

WeRema Celebrate The New Year Anqing WeRema Trading Co., Ltd Annual Meeting was held as scheduled in the XINGFULI hotel on January 19 .More than 200 employees attended the annual meeting.And the chairman LONG QICHENG attended. In 2018, Anqing WeRema Trading Co., Ltd Sales exceeded $20 million. The chairman LONG QICHENG congratulated on this brilliant achievement.At the same time,he expressed heartfelt gratitude to all employees. In the chairman’s generous and passionate speech, the annual meeting opened and everyone raised their glasses [...]

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