Attention to innovation and research, coupled with unrivalled engineering skills that enable WeRema can customise its productionto suit a refreshing change of customers’ needs in the market.

At WeRema we listen. We have taken on board the voice of healthcare professionals, nurses and carers to create designsthat exceed patient care expectations.

Strict quality control system. And obey international quality standards with FDA,CE, IS013485, ISO9001 etc.


Specialized in medical equipment for 15 years;

Exported to more than 80 countries worldwide;

More than 100 dealers over the world;

70-80% of our production is for international markets.


End-to-end supply chain expertise that means eliminatingthird party costs and pass those savings directly on to you.

WeRema -manufactured components and our robust pur-chasing power help keep pack costs lower.

To be our agent and enjoy better price.


Quickly response your enquiries within 60 minutes

25 professional and well-trained sales, 7*24 onlinecustomer service,

After-sales and assistance service

With an impeccable online technical assistance serviceo Our online technician will help you solve problem within

48 hours from receipt of the request for assistance.

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About WeRema

Established in 2001, Anqing WeRema Trading Co., Ltd. is very fast growing company, engaged in Healthcare Equipment. Our strong network of distribution facilities with particular emphasis on production design, quality assurance, product development and logistics. It guarantees global presence in cooperation with our business partners from more 80 countries.

Focus on Customers and Help Customers Deliver Quality Health Care

Almostly 20 years ago, WeRema is established and becomes a contract manufacturer for television wall workstations and network cabinet.
From 2002, WeRema’s boss, Mr Long found there is big market on healthcare market. Then WeRema moved to focus on the medical equipment products. We doubled the size of the existing office, continually increasing stock holdings, efficiency and improving dispatch times. In 2004, our name is updated to WeRema, for opening international market.
During 2005 to 2012, WeRema grows quickly, expanding through a national distribution network and begins export to the USA, Germany, Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia. In 2005, the company began touring the country with medical show, bringing the latest and greatest products to customers nationwide. Researching overseas trends and innovations in the industry took the WeRema team to international shows in Dubai, Germany, Brazil and the USA.
In 2014, WeRema has more than tripled. It was a reflection of the hard work from an entire team. During the same year, our new head office is opened at Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province.
Our direction has been embraced by the Healthcare sector. The WeRema team are expanding to make way for future growth in our company. Our warehouse is five times the size of our original one back in 2002, and our offices are custom-built to accommodate our many and varied range of services that are ever evolving.
WeRema Invested $20 million to expand the medical packaging and surgical instrumnet project.

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